What a wonderful start to a long weekend . . . the kids were off school today already, and the eMi office decided to have an official staff picnic down at Bowness Park with the new interns. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and after Kevin went into work for a few hours to clear off his desk, we biked to the park (good thing we still have our bike trailer – not for the kids, but for the STUFF). We met up with the rest of the eMiC family there, shared food and fellowship (along with a walk & a prayer time):

On the way home, we had another adventure planned. One of the perks of being in engineering ministry is you sometimes get some fun “toys.” Yesterday, Kevin picked up a GPS to take along on the Niger Trip to help with surveying. Well, to test it out, we tried out a bit of geocaching with the girls . . . essentially a treasure hunt using coordinates on a GPS. We had so much fun! The girls are already planning on creating their own geocache for others to find . . .

We’ve already downloaded some more coordinates, and will likely be doing a bit more geocaching this weekend . . . in between running last minute errands for Niger . . .


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