Whirlwind Weekend

Our weekends are usually busy . . . but this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind!  Kaisa had her soccer tournament on Saturday morning . . . and after about 2 hours straight of running, she was EXHAUSTED!  She’s definitely a go-getter out on the field.  By the end, all the kids wanted a turn at goal or OFF . . . they were absolutely worn out.

Our day was just beginning though . . . we had made plans to spend a couple hours at the zoo with Kevin’s cousin and his family . . . and then afterwards, we were going to a BBQ to celebrate a friend’s graduation from seminary.  Both lots of fun . . . but probably more than our kids were up for in one day.  Oh well . . . they went to bed really nicely for us that evening 😉

On Sunday, we tried to keep things a bit quieter.  After church we took a drive out to Kananaskis and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.  The kids found a patch of mud in amongst all the rocks and immediately begun landscaping their own rivers and mountains . . . we’re going to have to find a beach this summer 😉

We managed to get Kaisa into bed early Sunday night . . . and had to laugh when at about 10:30 she got up and started giving me instructions about her snack – she thought it was morning, and was all ready to go!

With all that going on, Kevin still managed to get his training in . . . he ran about 30 k after supper on Sunday (probably his longest run since his marathon a couple of years ago).  I still can’t imagine doing that for fun & relaxation . . . but I sure admire his determination!

In a few minutes, I’m off to help out in Kaisa’s class – they have swimming lessons this week and they actually need parents to be IN the pool with the kindergarten class . . .


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