Time for an Update

I had full intentions of blogging a couple of days ago . . . but it seems I never got there . . . so here’s a quick update in words and pictures 🙂

This past weekend, Kevin was in Fort St. John for MissionVision . . . I’d always thought Fort St. John should have it’s own “mini-missionsfest” – and wouldn’t you know, the year after I leave, they do :). It was apparently VERY well organized, and Kevin got to talk to lots and lots of people . . . had a chance to connect up with a few ministries who were interested in project applications . . . and even got interviewed by the local Christian radio station. Church on Sunday included more “fellowshipping” (and ended with lunch at Wendy’s so that Kevin could have at least ONE meal with his parents).

I was a bit jealous that I didn’t get to go along this time . . . but the three of us girls had a good weekend at home too. We went to the Creative Children’s Museum on Saturday (at the Science Centre) and Talia & Kaisa got to try out three different craft projects over the course of the day . . . and by the time we got out, Spring had returned to Calgary and we managed to fit in a bike ride before dinner.

Here’s a picture, as promised, of me speaking at the Women’s Retreat on the 19th:

The next day, Kevin ran his half-marathon in Airdrie.  What was supposed to be a beautiful spring run turned into a “hypothermic half” as temperatures dropped to windchills of -30 as Kevin ran through high winds and huge snowdrifts.  He stuck it out though, and ran the 21 km is 1:47 . . . placing 13th out of 48 brave souls who didn’t drop out after the first loop.

The time since then just seemed to fly by . . . my parents got off okay as planned after that weekend (the roads were actually fairly clear, despite the winter-y weather). Between appointments, playdates and stuff, we’ve been busy. At the end of last week, we had a visit from the University’s Homestay coordinator . . . so it sounds like we’ll have some students this summer!

But the most exciting news of the week was definitely the birth of our new nephew, Ronan Huxley last Thursday. We’re still waiting for pictures, but we’ve heard he’s cute 🙂

Our paperwork is now off for our visas for Niger, I went back for the shot that got missed (typhoid shots don’t hurt nearly as much as tetanus 😉 ) . . . so things are progressing on that front too. This morning I was helping Kevin assemble trip packets to mail out to the volunteers. Kevin has booked most of the tickets (which are needed to apply for the visas). Please pray for timely processing of visas for all the trip volunteers.

Well . . . that’s the update.  Thanks for sticking with me 🙂  I’ll try not to wait so long for the next post . . .


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