All Different Directions

What a busy day! We were all in different directions today, but it was all good . . .

My parents are up for the weekend (well, until the snow subsides . . . it was nice on Thursday when they drove up, but we’ve got quite the winter wonderland happening here right now . . . )

Mom & I went to my church’s day-long ladies retreat. It focused on “Beauty in God’s Eyes” and had different speakers (most from the church itself) sharing about different aspects of beauty. My absolute favourite was a feisty lady in her 80s who told us all about the beginnings of women being more accepted within the Baptist Union right around the time of World War II . . . I’d love to sit with her for a few hours and hear her life story. She was a wonderful speaker and shared from the heart.

I got to share too . . . they asked me to speak about “Beauty & Service,” so I tried to bring out the distinction between the beauty of a servant’s heart and the “busy-ness” of just serving. Thanks for those of you who prayed for me that I would communicate effectively – and what God wanted me to.

Meanwhile, Kevin spent a good chunk of the day in eMi Canada’s first official board meeting since eMi received it’s registration. I know some new board members were elected . . . but beyond that I haven’t even had time to check with Kevin how it all went . . .

This left the girls at home with my Dad. Kaisa had a birthday party to go to later in the afternoon, so Talia & Opa had a bit of a “date” (and then Opa had a nap to recover from babysitting 😉 )

Then, this evening, we all headed to Greg & Julie’s house for our eMi celebration evening. Each semester, just before the interns leave, we try to get together to share food, fellowship, and stories (and to pray for the interns as they head into the next phase of their lives). Most of the board members were still around, so we got to visit with them and their families . . . and the kids had a great time downstairs too . . .

Now, I’m exhausted and heading to bed. Pictures will have to wait ’til tomorrow . . .


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