We have an architect!!!!!

Thanks for all your prayers on the team’s behalf.  Since Monday, Kevin had been in contact with several architects . . . it’s been a week of ups and downs . . . but as of 9 o’clock this morning, we have an architect confirmed!

Please continue to pray for Kevin as he pulls together the rest of the logistics.  There are a couple positions that would be good to still fill, though the team will be able to “make do” if necessary.  And now the process of airline tickets, visas, and other details begins . . .


One thought on “We have an architect!!!!!

  1. Tom Johnson

    There are at least 3 Christian architects in Niger who have done major projects in the last few years–including one who has a home in Maradi. Ousseini dan Karami (Niamey and Dosso) designed an embassy in Niamey. Iro Sani (Niamey and Maradi) built a Christian recording studio in Maradi. Souleyman Abba Moussa designed the National Martial Arts building for a international competition that came to Niamey and will be the architect for the CURE International pediatric orthopedic hospital that is being built in Niamey. You should try to meet with these men when you come to Niger.

    Tom Johnson
    Danja, NIGER

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