Calling all architects . . .

Only 6 more weeks to go until our trip! Wow. It’s hard to believe the time is flying so fast. With requirements for visas (which can only be requested after an airline ticket is in hand), the deadline for adding team members is fast approaching. Could you pray that Kevin would find an architect for the Niger trip? He had high hopes through the weekend that an architect he had contacted last week would agree to come on the trip. He was very interested, but this morning he declined. We still have time to find an architect, but without an architect, our trip won’t provide the results that we have committed to with the ministry. The biggest part of what we will be producing for the ministry is a master plan and details for the building. Without the architect, we don’t really have a place to start, and the trip may have to be postponed or cancelled. So please pray that the architect that God has picked for this trip would contact Kevin soon. 🙂

Kevin did get confirmation from his structural guy today, so that was an encouragement.  The team could still use a civil and a surveyor, but it’s the architect who could make or break the team.  So thanks for your prayers . . .


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