One year later . . .

It’s officially been a year since we moved to Calgary!  (yes, we moved in on April Fool’s Day . . . we wondered if that held any special significance 😉 ).  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year . . . and it’s hard to believe that it’s ONLY been a year.  It’s certainly been a good year and a busy year . . . we feel very at home at our church and in our community . . . and, of course, in our role at eMi.

Today, I helped send out the “recruiting email” to the Canadian volunteers.  There’s three trips leaving from the Canada office this May/June, with Kevin’s being the first.  Kevin’s got a good bunch of volunteers for Niger already, but he’s still missing a few key roles – including an architect, a structural, and a surveyor.  Please pray that the volunteers that God has picked out for this team will respond to His prompting . . . and pray for the Congo and Haiti trips too . . .

On the home front, we’re trying to get back into routine after a week off for Spring Break.  Easter with family in Cold Lake was wonderful (even if the drive home felt a bit on the long side 😉 ).  During the week, the girls had swimming lessons (Talia passed level 2 🙂 ), we did a bit of our own Easter stuff, and we spent some time with friends.  The week passed much too quickly . . . but was a good break nonetheless.  Kevin, of course, was still working, but I take time off when the kids are out of school.  It’s nice to have that flexibility!


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