Home from Toronto

Kevin made it home from Toronto safe & sound yesterday – and even relatively on-time!  There was a big storm there this weekend, so planes the day before had been cancelled, and flights both before and after Kevin’s yesterday were arriving very late.  But somehow, Kevin’s flight was only delayed by 10 minutes or so.  Amazing!

Unfortunately, the storm also made for a significantly quieter missionsfest.  The booths closed early on Saturday, as exhibitors from the Toronto area who still had to drive home were anxious to be on the road.  I think Kevin said the 401 was closed, so it was quite the conditions.  Despite all that, it seems to have been a good chance of connecting, both with ministries (& their eastern or head office reps) and potential volunteers.  There’s always a different “flavour” at each missionsfest.  While here in Alberta, we get a lot of petroleum engineers coming by and seeing if there’s a place for them in our ministry, in Toronto, it was the automotive engineers . . .

That was the last of the big missionsfests this season.  Now Kevin will turn his attention to recruiting and planning his Niger trip . . .


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