Encouragement from home

Kevin left early this morning for another Missionsfest – this time in Toronto.  All three of the guys from the office went, so the interns are holding down the fort back home.  The booths at Missionsfest were open this afternoon, but the bulk of the work will be tomorrow and Saturday.  Keep them in your prayers!

Speaking of prayers – Talia & Kaisa received a wonderful surprise from our home church in Fort St. John yesterday.  Our church has been praying for their “missionary kids” in KidzWorship, and they took time one Sunday to make encouragment cards for our girls.  Talia & Kaisa were so thrilled to receive their package!  Here they are, checking out all the handiwork:

That’s a lot of cards!

It’s sometimes feels funny to think of our kids as MKs, since they still live here in Canada and do the same sorts of things that other kids do.  And yet, when I asked Kaisa a couple weeks ago if she wanted to be a missionary when she grows up, she was quick to answer, “But I’m a missionary NOW.” 🙂  It really is neat to see their growing awareness of countries and cultures and languages – and missions.  Talia, especially, was so excited by everything that was going on at Missionsfest in Edmonton.  And I’ve occasionally been amazed to here Talia or Kaisa explaining (quite coherently!) what it is that eMi does.


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