Skating and Biking (& famous kids)

The kids are off school for a few days, courtesy of a teacher’s conference and “family day” (an Alberta-only holiday), and the weather has been just GORGEOUS. It’s been well over + 10 C today, and the girls and I joined some friends this morning at the Bowness Lagoon for an impromptu skate . . . and ended up staying for almost 3 hours of skating, building a snowman, snowball fights . . . it was just SO nice to be out in the fresh air . . . and we even shed our jackets, it was so warm.

On top of that, the girls (& I) got our 15 seconds of fame. The local news was doing a feature on family day and ended up “interviewing” us and getting some shots of us skating. Quite cute!

Then after work, Kevin wanted his turn at the sunshine too . . . so we dug out our bikes and went for a bit of a bike ride — in the middle of February!

The warm weather is supposed to last throughout the long weekend — and we’re looking forward to spending as much of it outside as we can 🙂


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