Productive Week

Friday feels good when you’ve gotten lots done.  This week, Kevin is celebrating getting the last of his project reports out the door.  The Philippines reports went out last week, and the Haiti reports were bound & sent off yesterday.  It takes a few months and lots of effort from both Kevin and the volunteers to pull all the bits and pieces of a project report together,  but its a huge milestone  .  .  .  and this frees Kevin up now to focus even more on the administrative stuff that desperately needs his attention. . .

The other thing that’s kept both of us busy this week is the impending launch of the revamped eMi Canada website.  I’ve been busily rewriting text and captioning pictures, while Kevin’s been taking all the info we’ve been providing him with and passing it on to our “web guru” in the Colorado Office.  The previews we’ve seen look great, and we can’t wait for the launch in about 2 weeks.

After all that, we’re both in need of a weekend . . . good thing its Friday 🙂


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