KIDZ Biblestick

Talia just got the neatest (belated) birthday gift from my Mom & Dad. It’s called a KIDZ Biblestick and it’s essentially an MP3 player with a dramatized version of the Bible preloaded onto it. The best thing? It’s the New International Reader’s Version, which is the same as the Bible that we got her for Christmas. So Talia can listen to her Kidzstick and follow along in her very own Bible . . . Talia loved it, and since it came with a CD of the MP3 files too, Kaisa can listen to it on the computer too (since Talia isn’t quite ready to share her birthday present quite yet).

The website that distributes these is . . . I looked into it a bit, and while the shipping to Canada is ridiculous (good thing my parents are in the States right now!), the site does offer free downloads of the MP3 files . . . including the NIrV, the NIV (New Testament only) and lots of other versions (and languages). They’re huge downloads, but they come with a download manager that works pretty well. I’ve already downloaded an adult version for me!


2 thoughts on “KIDZ Biblestick

  1. Outstanding! Audio Bibles are a great way for people of all ages to engage in God’s Word! I bought three KidzBibles for my young relatives for Christmas gifts. After tossing three or four presents aside, my niece opened the KidzBible and couldn’t wait to begin listening.

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