The end of Christmas

I’ve always been one to enjoy the preparations leading up to Christmas much more than the day itself.  I love the advent season . . . baking cookies, making crafts with the kids, lighting candles and reading the Christmas story . . . that’s Christmas for me.  On Christmas Eve, there’s the Candlelight service, and the girls each get to open a present (Talia got a very special Christmas Eve present this year.  Since she’s in Grade 1 and learning to read, she got her very own Bible.  She was thrilled)

But Christmas Day?  Amidst the gift opening, and the Christmas dinner, and the time spent with family, there’s always the reminder that the Christmas season is done now and won’t be back for another year.  And I have to admit, I find that a bit bittersweet.

That said, we had a wonderful Christmas day.  We tortured our kids 😉 — Kevin’s brother & his wife were arriving in Fort St. John on the 9:30 a.m. flight, so even though the girls were up at 6 or so, they had to go with Grandma & Grandpa to pick up Uncle Robin & Auntie Sara at the airport and then have a Christmas brunch before they were allowed to open presents.  Talia & Kaisa were just as excited about giving presents this year — their school had had a Christmas bazaar (at the end of November!) where the kids could bring a bit of money and pick out their very own gifts for Moms & Dads & siblings . . . and then they had tried out the Kids Only Christmas Market at Heritage Park to find something for Auntie & Uncle and Grandma & Grandpa.

We all had a lazy afternoon, and then enjoyed the delicious Christmas dinner that Grandma had prepared.  After the girls were snug in their new pajamas that Grandma had made for them and tucked into bed, the rest of us enjoyed some games and “adult time”

So far, the rest of this week has been relaxing, with a chance to catch up with some friends, to rest, to spend family time, to go for a walk or two . . .


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