Our little angels . . .

Here’s a picture of Talia & Kaisa (and their good friend) after the Sunday School Christmas Concert on Sunday.  Aren’t they little angels!  (and you can’t even tell that Kaisa poured red juice down the front of her dress during the dinner before the concert 😉 ):

Today, I had most of the day to myself . . .that doesn’t happen very often.  But I wasn’t working OR volunteering at the school this morning, and Kaisa had a playdate all afternoon . . . so I managed to get a bit caught up.  I did a bit of shopping, mailed off the last (well . . . almost) of our Christmas Cards today, finished up the gifts I was making, and even made some cookies with Kaisa when Talia ended up having an impromptu playdate after school.  It feels great!  I’m still not totally ready for Christmas . . . but the rest is manageable.  So I’m feeling pretty good.

Kevin, on the other hand, is feeling under pressure  these days.  The interns are done their work term at the end of this week, so Kevin is desperately trying to find out what pieces still need to be picked up and what needs to be finished before they leave.  And intercultural communication can be challenging.  The Haiti project is substantially complete, but there’s still a bit of work to be done on the Philippines project — in fact, Kevin is upstairs Autocad drafting right now.  He’d love to be done before the interns leave.  Pray for wisdom for him, and patience as he works to close off his projects.


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