More excitement . . .

Well, if there’s anything lacking this Christmas season, it’s definitely NOT excitement. It’s so much fun having kids at an age that they really appreciate all the fun stuff surrounding Christmas (without being caught up in the stress!). Of course, with so many things happening, I don’t get nearly as much time to blog. But here’s a quick overview since the eMi Open House:


Talia & Kaisa make special “snowmen” for their teachers . . .


Kaisa’s classmate hosts an Open House for all the kindergarten families in the afternoon . . . and then the eMi staff (& families) Christmas party in the evening


Chris (the web guru from the U.S. 😉 ) joins us for the afternoon, and we perpetuate Canadian stereotypes and take him to play ice hockey at our “back alley park”:


English Corner potluck (& gift exchange)

(I didn’t get any great pictures of that — I’m hoping to get some emailled to me)




Christmas Concert – Talia’s class sang several songs in German, and Kaisa starred in the Kindergarten performance by being THE snowman (dramatically “melting away” at the right point in the song)


The kids had some friends over after school, then I had a board meeting/ Christmas dinner


Our friends (& neighbours from down the street) joined us for Christmas baking

Then, in the rush to get supper on the table, Kaisa slipped and fell onto a glass she was holding. I figured our evening plans had changed to a trip to the emergency room!:

But we were able to downgrade to several regular (neon coloured) bandages after supper, and made it to the Hitman game (that Talia had won us tickets for!) just a bit late

(Kaisa found a bunch of Kindergarten friends, and I think I spent more time following her wanderings than the progress of the puck – and with her neon bandages, she was the hero of the hour)


Sunday school rehearsal this morning (the girls were NOT impressed to be woken up!) . . . and then we cancelled EVERYTHING else to give the girls a quiet day. Tomorrow is the church Christmas dinner/ Christmas concert . . . but hopefully next week won’t feel quite as packed . . .


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