eMi Open House . . . and Talia’s exciting day

The office was busy today . . . both in preparation for the Open House, as the guys busily swept, dusted, and put up Christmas decorations, and then for the afternoon and evening as friends of engineering Ministries international dropped in to visit, look at pictures, and learn more about eMi.  There was a great turnout.  A number of people had recently discovered eMi and wanted to find out more about what we do.  Others had been connected with eMi Canada since it’s inception five years ago, and for them,  the Open House was a visible demonstration of how much we’ve grown . . .

Kevin’s Aunt & Uncle dropped by, as did some cousins . . . I was able to be there for most of the Open House, and Talia & Kaisa came for a couple hours after a playdate (and the interns decided that babysitting was easier than socializing 😉 )  People recognized my name from emails, since most get sent out from my computer.  And it was great to get a chance to put faces to names of people I had heard about lots but had never met.

The office is extra-busy this week anyways, as the web design guru from the Colorado Springs office is up to help redesign the eMi Canada website.  It’ll be a few months’ process, but at the end of it, the site should look pretty amazing.  Kevin & I are being trained on Dreamweaver so that we can help keep the site updated once it’s launched.

Then, on top of all that, Talia had the most exciting day ever 🙂  Talia & Kaisa both found treats waiting for them in their inside shoes at school, as the German program celebrated St. Nicholas day.  And somehow, both Talia & Kaisa ended up being “Klassenfuehrer” today (“classroom leader”).  And THEN, Talia’s name got drawn to be one of three students representing her class in a game against the Hitmen (the local WHL Junior Team).  The kids played 6 on 3 floor hockey against the Hitmen . . . and Kaisa’s class got to watch (Talia says the kids won!).   The school received a special hot lunch as part of the Hitmen event . . . and then Talia had a playdate . . . and then the Open House . . . oh, and Talia’s tooth is getting looser too . . . it’s enough excitement to last her a month 😉


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