We made it home safe & sound late last night (or should I say early this morning?).  We left Dawson Creek after speaking at the church there (and joining them for a delicious potluck) and arrived home sometime after midnight.  We managed to get the girls up in time for school today, and now I’m trying to do laundry, figure out what groceries we need, and all the other stuff that’s involved with being away for more than a week.

It was a good week.  It is amazing how much Fort St. John still feels like home (even when we’re NOT in our own house).  A few people said hi to us at church last week, and then  did a double take as they realized we were “back”.  It was so nice to catch up with friends . . . we’ve settled in amazingly well here in Calgary, but it’s still not the same as spending an evening with friends that you’ve known for 10+ years.  Whenever we left the house, we’d run into someone we knew, someone who wanted to know how things were going . . . That said, it’s nice to be home.  We’re looking forward to returning to routines (and I think Kevin’s just looking forward to sleeping in his own bed . . . he didn’t get too many nights between coming home from the Philippines and leaving again for Fort St. John)


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