Sharing Stories

Yesterday was our big sharing day . . . at noon, Kevin (& I) went in to his old office: Urban Systems had invited him to do a noon-hour presentation about eMi and his trips. We shared a few videos, talked about a bunch of  pictures and answered some questions about what Kevin is doing these days (and then they snagged him for a few minutes to deal with some work issues too 😉 )

Then, in the evening, it was time for the meet & greet at Kevin’s parents house. We had NO CLUE how many people were coming . . . the invitation had been issued at church, and we had emailled out to our Fort St. John newsletter recipients, but we knew we could have 5 people or 50 people.  We had contingency plans just in case the house got TOO full, but the numbers were just about right.  We shared some videos, talked about the ministries Kevin went to serve, talked about what we do when we’re NOT overseas . . . and had a really good evening.  Talia & Kaisa helped by acting as greeters . . . and, according to Janice, they did a pretty good job of talking her through our display booth too:

In between presentations, we’ve had lots of chances to connect up with friends (and Talia’s social schedule has been just as busy as our own!).   Today the girls are at a sleepover, tomorrow they have another playdate, and then we have lunch and dinner plans . . . and then Sunday, after speaking at church in Dawson Creek, we’re on our way home . . .


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