Fort St. John . . . and Philippines Photos

Well, after 6 months, we’re back in Fort St. John . . . and it hardly feels like we’ve been gone.   But, when we presented Sunday morning and listed off all the things we’d DONE in the last few months . . . can it really have been JUST 6 months?  This week we’re here, mostly just visiting with friends and supporters.  We shared at a Bible Study tonight, and and on Thursday Kevin’s parents are hosting a “Meet & Greet” for us, so that we have a chance to share a few more stories.  It’s kind of interesting . . . when we talk about an eMi trip, we’re mostly sharing stories about OTHER ministries . . . the God’s Littlest Angels orphanage in Haiti, the Rehoboth Children’s Home in Sampaloc, the Mission of Hope reaching the Mangyan in Mindoro . . . these are the stories people can connect to.  And our role at engineering Ministries international is really just to help these ministries do their job better . . . to support their vision . . .

I’ve finally had a chance to upload some more of Kevin’s Philippines photos  too. . .  they do a pretty good job of telling some of the stories . . .


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