Back to Back Trips

Excerpts from Kevin’s latest email:

We’re still doing great. I was a bit jealous of the team that headed home on Saturday. They were anxious to see their families, but I had to wait.  We’ve had some challenges though. The team that we left at the airport had their flight delayed a day because of a typhoon in Taiwan. They are on their own though in a hotel somewhere. We don’t really have a good way of contacting them.

On Saturday morning, we drove for 2.5 hours to the airport to drop off the team at 8am. We managed to find our other driver from the other team within 20 minutes of arriving there so we could transfer our bags to the next vehicle and wait some more. Renae (our volunteer) came through the gates before 11am. We went to the “Mall of Asia”. It definitely rivaled West Ed Mall for size. Hae-min and Young eun couldn’t contain themselves with excitement. We had to let them go on their own for 1.5 hours. They definitely were excited for a long time afterwards. After lunch we had downtime until supper. We had to delay the opening meeting until Ben (our other volunteer) came in. I had to go back to the airport (20 min) at midnight to pick up Ben. So I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.

We were supposed to catch the air-conditioned bus last night at 9pm for the 9 hour travel to Mindoro. However, several hours before we were going to go, Hae-min started throwing up. She had just stabilized by 9pm but we didn’t feel we could put her on a bus. She slept all night and is much better this morning. It was probably something she ate. There is only one bus per day, so we are one day behind now. We did however get a programming meeting in this morning and we’ll start some of the work. The blessing is that I got 10 hours of sleep, and I was definitely needing it.

The week will be very short for getting all our work done. You can pray that we are efficient with our time  since the time is so short. Also you can pray for the vision of the ministry.  . . . Our meetings are drawing out from them things they’ve never thought about.  So they are still changing their minds on things, seemingly every hour. It is a little difficult to come up with a program when the vision is still being fleshed out.

This seems like a very small team – only 7 of us. You can pray for the team dynamics.  We are slowly being unified.  It’s not as difficult to keep counting heads to make sure no one wandered off. We’ve stopped counting how many times we’ve eaten at Jollibee’s. It’s the local fast food restaurant that is much more popular than McDonalds but has the same type of food (except with rice of course). It’s also the only place open before 10am for breakfast.

I’m at an internet cafe down the street from the hotel, so I cannot upload any pictures, but we do have some good ones.


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