On the home front

I haven’t heard from Kevin for a few days . . . but it’s Friday evening in the Philippines, so if all went according to plan, the Sampaloc team will have presented a conceptual plan for the Rehoboth Children’s Home sometime today.  Tomorrow, Kevin will be back at the airport, picking up new team members for the Mindoro team.  And then the process begins again . . .   Please pray for Errol, the missionary in Mindoro.  He’s had health issues this last week that caused him to arrive in the Philippines later than planned . . .

Things have been pretty good on the home front.  My parents arrived last Sunday, so I’ve been getting spoiled!  The girls are off school today to start an extra-long weekend, so we’ve got lots of fun stuff planned (this afternoon we’re escaping the cold and heading to the science centre).

The eMi office has been pretty quiet, with Kevin and the interns in the Philippines and Greg in Niger . . .  Steve’s been holding down the fort, and I’ve had a chance to get another eMi Connected newsletter out and work on cleaning up the database — that’ll keep me busy for a while yet!


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