An Update from Kevin

I know no news is good news when it comes to eMi project trips, where teams are sometimes in areas where phoning is expensive and internet is limited — so I’m always grateful when Kevin can send updates.  Here’s some excerpts from his email, sent early this morning:

It’s late on Saturday night now, and we’ve just had another long day. On Friday, we all met at the airport from two different flights. The flights were supposed to land at the same time, but ours was delayed and then we missed the connection in Hong Kong. There was another flight luckily that got us there 2 hours later than the original flight. Gary (the project leader from eMi USA) was a little stressed that we didn’t get there since we had no way of contacting him. Anyway, eventually we found each other and our drivers.

We drove for 3 hours to get to the site and got here just before supper. It’s a very nice orphanage compound that they are on here, but its too small for their vision of many more kids. We went to bed early, and I slept well. Today, we saw the poisonous frogs and spiders (both the size of our fists) that we were warned about. There are definitely snakes around too. It rained all night and day until about 2:00. The surveyor is getting worried about how wet he is going to get while out on the land for a couple days. This afternoon we went to the site (just across the road) to see the land. It had just been cleared and looked very promising for the new campus.

Tomorrow we’re going to church with the missionaries and locals. That should be interesting. I haven’t (yet) been asked to preach. It might come yet but I hope not.

We have  a couple computers we can use in the evenings for our hotmail, but we can’t connect to the internet on our own computers, and there is no broadband connection. So time on the computers is at a premium.

It is a great group of people who are anxious to serve this ministry. Hae-min and Young eun are doing well too. The guys are all in 2 rooms, and the girls each get their own room with their own bathrooms. We are all jealous of that (and they have hot water for their showers).

I don’t know if I can write each evening, but I’ll try to send pictures next time.


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