Culture in Calgary :)

We’ve just come back from a unique cultural experience . . . and we didn’t even have to leave Calgary.  Our friends, Salt & Susan, work with a Chinese (Mandarin) speaking congregation in town, and even before we moved to Calgary, they had suggested that we come sometime to present about Engineering Ministries International at their church.  So today we went.  Talia & Kaisa went off to Sunday School (they put Kaisa in the gr 1-3 class with Talia, because more English is used in that group) and Kevin and I tried our best to follow along the worship in a language we didn’t know.  Thankfully, the sermon was in English today – they had a guest speaker doing a sermon series, with translation into Mandarin.  So at least we could follow along the sermon!  Then Susan got up and introduced us (completely in Mandarin, so we had no clue what she had just said about us) and Kevin spent a few minutes talking — through a translator — about how we had gotten involved with eMi and what types of volunteers eMi is looking for.    The response was fabulous.  Lots of engineers and architects came by to chat with Kevin after the service (We had our booth set up over lunch, and got to enjoy both conversation and Chinese food).  Some were engineers in China, but haven’t necessarily made it through the red tape to get certified in Canada (which isn’t a big deal for eMi, since they do their engineering overseas).  Others weren’t engineers or architects themselves, but wanted to pass the information on to others.  Several put themselves on the eMi mailing list to get updates of volunteer opportunities.  And we almost ran out of pamphlets!


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