English Corner – Westview Style

Yesterday was our first English Corner at Westview Church. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. All the helpers are from last year — when Westview had a more formal ESL program. And English Corner is so casual — I wasn’t sure how everyone would react. But it went well! We played the “Human Bingo” game (find someone who . . . can play the piano etc.) and it got everyone moving around and talking. Even the helper who had seemed to be most unsure about the transition came up to me during the activity to tell me she was enjoying herself and she thought it was a great way to learn English. An extra blessing . . . as we were setting up, I prayed that if anyone needed to find English Corner, God would send them. Well, part way through English Corner, another lady joined us. She had JUST seen the poster in the local drugstore, realized it was happening right then, and decided to give it a try!


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