Welcome to Canada?!?

Our interns arrived yesterday . . . though not with the greatest welcome.  Young Eun got hung up in customs in Vancouver and missed her connecting flight . . . Hae Min arrived on time, but one of her bags was on Young Eun’s later flight . . . and BOTH of Young Eun’s bags didn’t arrive until a couple flights after that.  Welcome to Canada?!?

That said, by the time Kevin got home from the airport for the third time (this time to drop his parents off — they had been at our house overnight), they were both here and all luggage was accounted for . . .  Talia managed to stay awake and at least say hi — but Kaisa was VERY distressed that she had fallen asleep without meeting “the girls”.  Luckily, they were all up for breakfast this morning . . . because, though the interns went into the office this morning, they crashed early this afternoon and we haven’t seen them all evening.  Korea is just about opposite for time, so I’m sure the jet lag will take a day or two to combat . . . this will be orientation week for them in the office (cultural training will sure look a bit different this time!) so I’ll be in almost every day too.

Please pray for the interns, as they make MANY adjustments – not the least of which are time change, culture, food, etc. etc and pray for all of us as we form friendships and settle into sharing a home.   Young Eun & Hae Min seem really nice, and we’re excited to get to know them better in the coming days and months.


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