A quiet few days

For a few days, our family was ALONE at home.  I don’t think that’s happened since the first month we moved in . . . back in April.  We’ve always had someone in our downstairs room.  That’s about to end . . . Kevin is just off with the girls to pick up Grandma & Grandpa from the airport (we couldn’t fit all of us into the vehicle at once, so I was nominated to stay home).  They’re here overnight en route to their holiday destination.  And tomorrow, we pick up Young Eun & Hae Min, the two eMi interns from Korea who will be staying with us the next several months.

Talia & Kaisa finished their first week of school exhausted, but still glowing 🙂  Kaisa wants to know WHEN she can start grade 1.  Talia comes home with long reports of all the things she did.  It’s fun watching them absolutely enjoy school.  Hope it lasts 🙂


One thought on “A quiet few days

  1. Daryl

    Hey Guys,

    Hope all is well.

    Thank-you for the newsletters, they are exciting to read – to know what God is doing through you both.

    Could I add a link on the church website to this page? By the way, it looks really good.

    God bless

    Daryl Berg

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