First Day of School

What an EXCITING day.  Talia & Kaisa were both up early to get ready for their first day of school.  They dressed in fancy dresses and Mom curled their hair . . . and then Kaisa got HER Schultuete (it was as big as she was!):

Here we are, all set for the first day of school:

Kaisa was not at all scared about this new adventure of kindergarten — in fact, on the drive to school, she told me, “Mom, I don’t think I want you to walk with me to my class today.  I can do it myself.” (needless to say, Mom vetoed that idea 😉 )

We picked Kaisa up after Kindergarten, and after lunch, we all (that is, Julia, her kids,  and Kaisa & I) headed to Bowness Park to enjoy the sunshine – so much so, that I almost thought I was late for picking up Talia from her first day of Grade 1 . . . she had a great day, and was excited to have gone to the playground twice, the gym once, oh, and she’d met the music teacher (who said good-bye to her by name as she left the school . . . ).
Steve (Julia’s husband) had found a HUGE Blackforest Cake on clearance when we were grocery shopping yesterday, so after supper we all celebrated the first day of school in a delicious manner 🙂

We’ve been having a great time with Steve & Julia and their family here.  Yesterday, we left Steve at home to study (he has a test tomorrow) and we all headed to the zoo.  Talia & Jessica were permanently attached to each other, and all five girls had a great time together.  It’s a little bit hard now with Talia & Kaisa in school, and the others still on holidays, but we’ve been trying to keep the mornings and evenings fairly quiet, and so far it’s working.  Good thing school is still exciting enough at this age to compensate for missing time with friends 🙂


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