Birthdays, busy-ness and more . . .

August is birthday season in the Wiens household.  And, while I keep telling Kaisa to stop wishing our summer away, she’s always very anxious for this time of year 🙂  This year, with Kevin’s birthday falling on the Saturday and Kaisa’s on the Monday, it felt like a whole extended weekend of birthday stuff.  Today we’re starting to recover 🙂

The weather hadn’t been great last week, so we decided to go to Science World on Kevin’s birthday.  But then Saturday morning the weather was just too beautiful to spend the day inside.  So, instead of changing all our plans, we just adapted them . . . and decided to bike to the Science Centre instead.  No problem, we thought.  It’s about 8 km to downtown, and if the girls were too tired to bike back, well, Kevin could bike home and get the vehicle.  Well, we got to downtown, had a bit of a picnic lunch, spent a couple hours in the Science Centre . . . and then decided to bike a couple km further to see what was happening at Princess Island Park.  But Kevin never did end up going to get the Explorer.  The girls biked all the way home . . . an over 20 km round trip!  By the end, both bikes were having pedal trouble . . . I suppose 12 & 14 inch bikes just weren’t meant to travel quite that far 😉

Sunday was another busy day.  While we didn’t have a birthday in our family that day, the girls were both invited to a friend’s birthday party after church.  And then in the evening, we had another going away party for the eMi interns . . . the remaining three interns are leaving this week, as are Patrick and Joan.  The good-byes are hard . . . Talia & Kaisa are already asking whether they’ll ever get to see the interns again.  You share a summer, and then you say good-bye . . . the interns each shared reflections on what their time with engineering Ministries international has meant to them.  It’s neat to see these young people giving up their summer for God . . . and seeing God give the summer back to them  in powerful ways.

Then, finally, the day that Kaisa has been waiting for all year ;).  Monday was NOT sunny, so I was improvising a bit as we turned our teddybear picnic from a completely outdoor event into an indoor/outdoor function.  Including Kaisa, there were 9 little people and their teddies here for the party . . . we made bear masks, played teddybear games, had a picnic (and cake & presents, of course) and then went on a treasure hunt where the kids all found their own jar of honey to take home.  Lots of fun.

Then, we waited for Woo Jin to come home to do the family gifts (I don’t think Kaisa had even clued in that she had more gifts coming!).  Grandma & Grandpa and Oma & Opa had left presents for Kaisa too, so there was lots of excitement.  Now I think the girls want a week or so just to be able to PLAY!


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