A weekend at Cold Lake

The long weekend took us out to Cold Lake.  Kevin’s brother and his family live there . . . so Talia & Kaisa had an absolute blast playing with their cousins.  The kids enjoyed the beach, the frogs, the train set, the gym . . . and simply being together.  After not seeing each other for several months, they lasted the long weekend without too many squabbles.  the adults even managed to get in a game of Rook.    My sister-in-law, Dayle, is a FABULOUS photographer, so we got a few cousins pictures too 🙂  Here’s a cute one of the five youngest cousins.  Don’t they all look like little angels?:

Our main reason to visit Cold Lake was simply to visit family.  But Ken & Dayle also arranged for us to give an eMi presentation at their church, Grand Centre Alliance.  We haven’t very often presented at a church that didn’t have a direct connection to us or our ministry.  And engineering Ministries international is such a difficult concept to get across in 10 minutes or less.  But Paster Bob made us feel very welcome,  and definitely encouraged the congregation to consider getting involved.  We spoke to a few individuals after the service who were very excited about what we were doing.  And it sounds like Grand Centre wants to keep updated on where we’re headed . . . so that’s encouraging too!  It’s neat to see other churches coming alongside us, as well as individuals.

We’re home to another busy week . . . who said the summer was supposed to be relaxing?  Fun, DEFINITELY . . . but relaxing???


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