Home sweet home

I’m glad we enjoyed our sunny day on the beach right away in Penticton . . . since, somehow, we managed to pick the only rainy week in the Okanagan all summer 😉  The rains came, and, although we did manage to enjoy some more beach time afterwards, it wasn’t quite the same . . .

That said, we still had a great time.  We connected up with lots of friends and family,  rode our bikes along the river channel, created some more sand castles, explored the farmers market, ate lots of delicious Okanagan fruit . . .

The “ministry” part of our trip came later in the week.  On the Friday, friends from the church hosted an Open House for us.  We were amazed at the turnout, and enjoyed sharing about engineering Ministries international on a more personal level.  The small group setting is our favourite . . . we can tailor what we share to the questions that come up, and spend time chatting with people one on one.

Then, on Sunday, we shared during the message time of the service.  A number of friends had joined us at Kaleden Church to hear what we had to say (I think we doubled the “kid” population during the service 🙂 ).  We were in Kaleden in November, and we spoke then too . . . it was pretty amazing, looking back, how much has happened in our lives since then . . .

Yesterday, we arrived home, just in time to go to a going away party for the eMi summer interns.  Rose is leaving today . . . the others have a couple more weeks.  All the interns were there, and their “host families” and the eMi staff and their families.  It was a pretty good sized group!  eMi Canada is growing 🙂

Now that I’m home, it’s time to get into the summer routine.  Kevin’s back at work, of course.  The girls have friends over this morning, and I’m working on laundry and “catching up”.   It’s good to be home.


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