eMi “reunion”

It’s another beautiful morning, and I’m sitting at the picnic table enjoying the sunshine and watching the girls bike around the campsite.  Kevin doesn’t get the same luxury: he had to leave early this morning for the professional development sessions he’s taking part in.  (To maintain his professional engineering license, he needs to do a certain amount of professional development each year – so this conference meets some of those requirements too).  It’s very different than the P.D. Kevin is used to — a lot of the sessions at this conference are focussing on emergency disaster response at the international level . . . this afternoon, the more general part of the conference starts, so we’ll all be heading into town for that . . . (it sounds like there are enough moms around willing to trade off babysitting that I’ll be able to participate!  Thanks for praying)

On July 4th, we arrived at Grand Teton Park for what amounted to a huge eMi reunion.  There was a BBQ planned, and between staff members and “guests” there were probably 150+ people.  It was neat to meet up with staff that we knew, interns that we had met at the January intern/new staff orientation . . . and it was neat to meet the others.  A lot of the international staff were there, so a lot of these people that we had heard so much about suddenly became faces rather than just names on an e-mail . . . we also met several couples who are in the process of raising support.  Since we’re still the newest couple to have joined eMi full-time, we could empathize (and hopefully encourage) through that part of the process.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  This weekend is a bit overwhelming . . . so many people to meet, so many new things to learn . . . and yet it’s so exciting too as we get to see the bigger picture of what eMi is doing throughout the world . . .


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