Camping Out

We’ve been slowly making our way to the Celebrate Hope Conference in Wyoming (celebrating eMi’s 25 years of ministry – pretty exciting!).  Since it was a long weekend in Canada anyways, we left a few days early and decided to make a bit of a holiday of it.

We welcomed Woo-jin to our home on Saturday night (she’s a Korean student I know from Fort St. John who will be staying with us for a couple months) and then left early the next morning.  We’re on the second night of our trip, and tonight we’re in Three Forks, Montana . . . we arrived early afternoon at the campsite, unhooked, and then went to do a tour of the caverns (2 hrs, 600 steps, 300 ft descent . . . it was pretty neat).

We also REALLY enjoyed the pool at the campsite (we took a swim BEFORE we went to the caverns, and then Kevin took the girls afterwards while I was making supper) — our vehicle’s cold air flow and air conditioner aren’t working so we’ve had the windows wide open trying to keep somewhat cool.  I think I’m going to have a sunburn on my right arm (I’ve been sitting in the passenger seat!)

We’ll be meeting up with the eMi crew Wednesday afternoon (just in time to celebrate July 4th – that should be an experience!) and the actual conference (including some pre-conference professional development for Kevin) starts the next day.  Please pray for us for safety in travel and a good time of connecting at the conference (and pray that I’ll be able to be involved somewhat too, despite having the kids along 😉 )


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