Another graduation . . . and English Corner Calgary

Today it was Talia’s turn to celebrate the end of Kindergarten.  Her class sang the German songs that they had learned throughout the year (poor Talia . . . she looked a bit lost until they got to April 😉 ) and then treated the Moms and Dads to DQ treats 🙂  Here’s Talia receiving her portfolio:

In other “news” . . . it’s official: English Corner is coming to Calgary 🙂  Our new church here (Westview Baptist Church, up in Ranchlands) has had an ESL program running through the church for the past few years.  Next month, the leaders are leaving for at least a year on missions to Ethiopia.  I guess they’ve been praying for someone to take over the program . . . so, when I expressed interest in the ESL program at their “volunteer fair,” they right away asked if I’d be interested in leadership!  The program they’ve been running has been a fair bit more formal than English Corner, and I didn’t think I could manage the time commitment that that would take.  But when I offered to do a more English Corner-style program, they were excited to have at least SOMETHING to offer their students.  The volunteers are already in place (and willing to try something “new” with me) and I got to meet most of them at a “transitional” meeting tonight.  I thought I was leaving English Corner behind me when I moved . . . but I suppose I should know better than that 🙂  I’m actually pretty excited . . . even though nothing will really be happening until September . . .


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