Back to life at home

Well, Kevin did make it home (though a couple of his teammates missed connecting flights and had to spend an extra night en route).  He was encouraged by how smoothly the trip went, and also how enthusiastically the local ministry responded to the design.  Now Kevin will be making sure the volunteers finalize their parts of the design so that it can all be pulled together for the ministry so that they can start building in the fall . . .

A couple days after Kevin and his team got back, Patrick and Joan (along with Steve and the other two interns) left for Uganda.  They’re working on the other end of the spectrum — helping design a senior’s centre.

Our lives are rapidly becoming BUSY.  Kevin’s actually looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend at home.  But it feels like we’ve had something or another almost every day.  Not that that’s anything unusual for us normally — but we’ve only been here for two months, we can’t be over-committed yet! 😉


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