Another Great Day

We’re having another great day here in Haiti. However, this evening, the mosquitos seem to have come out in full force, and the rain was bouncing off the concrete. In the first four days we were here, we had 9 inches of rain,and all within only 2 or 3 hours per day. However, this does mean it is a little cooler than normal (which is good). We’ve been eating very well. I think they’ve determined that we are going to remember the food.

This evening, I’m working on the site plan to locate the water infrastructure, roads, and power lines. We should have something to present by tomorrow evening.

We had two babies (4 months and 1 year old) in our little group this afternoon for devotions. Both had been abandoned preemies but had come a long way in the month or so they had been here at the orphanage. They were intrigued by the guitar playing. David (our surveyor) seems to have the touch to be able to put them to sleep.

If you want to see more Haiti Pics, they’re uploaded here.


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