Monday in Haiti


Its seems like we’ve been in Haiti much more than 3 days already. So much has happened. Today we all got up early and spent several hours at the new site. We surveyed half the site, looked for water, did soil analysis, and identified where the buildings should go. Some of us walked along the community road to look at the surrounding buildings and terrain. There is a beautiful view of Port-au-Prince and the ocean from the site (there was no fog this morning). The rain stayed away until late afternoon, which surprised most of us, despite our earnest prayers for the clear conditions.

We went to the toddler house today for the first time. Wow, there is such energy there. The kids are so cute and they all want attention. They range in age from 2 to 7. There are 65 of them. Good thing Michele wasn’t along, or I’m sure we’d be trying to bring one of them home with us. It is amazing how much laundry these two sites do in a given day – with 96 babies and 65 toddlers (plus staff and visitors). They only very recently changed from cloth diapers to pampers. Before this, the laundry needs were astounding. 

Our team had a good devotional / testimony time today. This is so necessary on our trips to keep the focus on God, and not on what we are doing or building. The project is only a part of what these short term teams are all about. It’s more about letting the team grow closer to God through the experiences, and about serving the ministry and each other.  


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