Sunday in Haiti

Another great day. We were woken up this morning by roosters at 5AM as is typical around here but thankfully I was able to sleep another couple hours before breakfast. For church this morning, the American hosts dropped us off at the road by a local Haitian church. No one knew we were coming and we came with no translators. It was a bit awkward but we introduced ourselves (in French) and we were quickly ushered to the front row of the 300 seat church. Everything was in Creole so we were quite lost for the entire 3 hours. However, the hard wooden benches worked great at keeping us awake (I’m still a bit stiff). There was such amazing energy in the building as we worshiped with are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

After lunch we took our first trip up to the new site where the new orphanage is going to be built. It is covered with 50 year old pine trees of all things (Most of Haiti is completely deforested). It looked a bit like home (except for the snakes and other reptiles). The land is quite large for what they want to do with it. There will be a lot of brainstorming on how to lay out the buildings and facilities, especially since the land is fairly steep and rocky. Apparently, the view includes a glimpse of the ocean but the site was fogged in and it was raining while we were there. (It is still the rainy season and we can definitely tell) 

This evening we are meeting again with the ministry to go over what they envision on the site over the long term. Pray for clarity and that the team would catch their vision. Also pray for team unity as we start to work together to complete a concept for the end of the week.


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