Weather, week-end, and lots of Wienses :)

Hope you had a great long weekend!  Ken & Dayle and kids came down for the weekend, so we had a full house . . .   The cousins were THRILLED to see each other again and managed to not wear out until this morning when the lack of sleep caught up to all of them 😉  The sleeping arrangements were creative . . . Ken and Dayle slept in the trailer with Rebecca and Kaisa, Talia stayed in a tent with Joshua, and Morgan and Maryn took over the bunk beds.  Yesterday, Talia & Josh fell asleep in the tent, but the guys carried them in late last night when the rain showed no sign of stopping.  Good thing, since it was SNOW this morning!

We went to the Zoo on Saturday (and the weather was actually REALLY nice that afternoon).  Dayle got some great pictures of all the cousins together too:

Then yesterday, we had our “cousins” BBQ . . . we had invited some of Kevin & Ken’s cousins and aunt & uncles over (those who live within a couple hour radius of Calgary).  The adults ended up staying inside, but the kids played outside and even ate outside between rain showers.  It was great to see everyone again . . . Kevin hadn’t seen some of these cousins for 8 or 9 years.

Now the house is quiet again.  We put the girls down for a nap after lunch, and even Talia fell asleep . . .


One thought on “Weather, week-end, and lots of Wienses :)

  1. Dayle

    Thanks we had a great time. Glad to hear your girls slept! My two little ones where asleep before we hit deerfoot trail. I think it was all about 10 minutes in the van until they were fast asleep until Red Deer! We are home and unpacked and now sorting pictures…..Thanks again!

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