1st Annual eMi Mother’s Day Picnic

Well, kind of . . . 😉 After a gorgeous day yesterday, we woke up today to rain 😦 At church, the pastor joked about making sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather to take your mother on a picnic. Well . . . after waffling back and forth a bit, we decided that we were northerners . . . a little cold couldn’t keep us down (thankfully, the rain had stopped by then, though the sky was still pretty overcast). So, we packed everything to the park across the river from our house and had our wiener roast with Patrick & Joan and the interns as planned . It felt just like camping in Fort St. John . . . bundled up and huddled around a fire 🙂

wiener roast

The rain stayed away just long enough for us to enjoy our lunch . . . and then we started to feel a few drops again. So, we packed up and moved to our house for an impromptu games night . . . and an even more impromptu spaghetti supper. Despite the change in plans we had a GREAT time . . . it’s been a long time since I’ve played spoons 🙂

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading . . . especially to OUR moms (We love ya, Mom!) — hope you got spoiled and had a great day. Talia & Kaisa were SO excited about Mother’s Day . . . Talia woke up this morning, and before her eyes were even properly open she was already racing to get her special gift for me. I was presented with two clay pots planted with flowers from the girls: Talia had decorated her pot with tissue paper in kindergarten and had filled it with a bedding plant; Kaisa had painted hers at preschool and planted sunflower seeds which were just now sprouting.

My mother's day gifts

I also got about a dozen handmade “cards” from each of them (including a beautiful pop-up card that they created in Sunday School this morning). Last night, Kaisa wanted to know if this was the first Mother’s Day ever 🙂 I guess Mother’s Day is pretty exciting stuff when you’re 4 & 6 . . .


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