Wonderful Weekend

I’m sure enjoying weekends in Calgary. Before we moved, everything was SO busy . . . it’s nice to just have family time back again.  And when the weather is as beautiful as it was today, well . . . that’s a bonus.

After garage saling, doing some necessary shopping, and helping out a bit with a community clean-up this morning, this afternoon we decided to go on a family bike ride.  We’ve been biking a fair bit in the last week or two — Kaisa’s pretty solid on her two wheels now,  so we can all go on bikes (before, we’d put the girls on bikes, and Kevin & I could mostly keep up walking — definitely not anymore!).

We headed out on the bike trail to see how far we would get . . . and before we even got past the back alley, Kaisa had a major wipe-out (biking in shorts can be a bit more hazardous than biking in jeans!).  But Kevin had a band-aid in his wallet, and we kept going . . . stopped for a snack and to watch a bit of a baseball game . . . and got all the way to the walking bridge and park that Kevin and I had walked at last weekend.  Well, we got home, and checked to find that that park was 4 km away from our house.  How many revolutions do you have to do on 12 inch wheels to travel 8 km?!?  The girls should sleep well tonight!

This evening the guys have gone shopping for the “surprise” that’s in the works for mother’s day tomorrow . . .  I hope the weather will be as nice as today, since it involves a picnic of some sort . . . the girls are SO excited about mother’s day, they’ve been dropping hints for weeks (none of which I’ve caught, of course 😉 ) . . .


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