Upcoming Haiti Trip

Michele asked me to write a bit about the upcoming project trip I’ll be going on in 3 weeks. God’s Littlest Angels runs an orphanage for 200 babies and toddlers in Haiti. They also look for parents from North America to adopt these babies. They would like to consolidate their 3 sites at one new site to reduce operating costs, management, and staff. Our US and Canadian design team will be going on May 25-June 3 to help them with the master plan for their new site and to design one of the main buildings. Our team consists of 2 architects, several engineers, one couple who will be adopting from the orphanage that week, and another engineer who has adopted in recent years from this same orphanage. God’s Littlest Angels is doing a lot of fund-raising in Calgary. Everyone seems to have heard of this ministry except me but it sounds like they are providing  a crucial ministry

We’ve just gone through 3 days of intensive training on running these short-term mission’s trips and I’m quite exhausted. It all sounds so exciting that I can’t wait to be part of it.

 EMI project description: http://www.emiusa.org/projectprofile_5429.html

 God’s Littlest Angels website: http://www.glahaiti.org/



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