What happened to Spring?!?

This morning we woke up to big fluffy flakes and a white world.  So much for the beautiful weather we had last week . . . (on Monday, the girls had their first soccer practice on a warm sunny day . . . on Wednesday, there were only a handful of kids there playing in the sleet!).  This changeable Calgary weather will take some getting used to (at least in Fort St. John we KNEW it would be cold 😉  )

Weather aside, it’s been a good week.  We’re settling in, the boxes are disappearing, we’ve done our major shopping trip and stocked up on basics . . .

I got my Alberta drivers license in the mail today, and that was a bit of a shock to the system.  It suddenly made it a bit more real — we’re not just here for a visit . . . this is a permanent thing.  Our vehicles have Alberta license plates now, and we look like we belong 😉  But the girls still catch me using “home” to refer to Fort St. John.  They’re quick to correct me: “This is home now, Mom.”  They’re right of course – and I’m glad we’re all settling in to “home” so well.


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