“Most convenient location: Smithers”

We booked our u-haul a couple months ago, and received back a nifty e-mail saying that our u-haul was indeed reserved, and that we would receive a phone call informing us of the most convenient location to pick up that truck the day before the move.  We got that call today.  The most convenient location?  SMITHERS!  That’s only 18 HOURS away by bus to pick it up . . .

Needless to say, Kevin made some phone calls . . . actually MANY phone calls . . . and thankfully, all worked out just fine.  The realtor who sold our house has access to a trailer, and, amazingly enough, it’s free this weekend.   The truck can’t pull a trailer that size, but in the midst of making phone calls to try to find a truck that can, our neighbour offered not only a truck, but himself as a driver to go with it!  God is amazing!

We’ve also had tons of help today . . . boy, we feel loved 🙂  Our cupboards are bare, our boxes are packed . . . the Korean contingent (a bunch from English Corner) came by this afternoon and chipped out some of our outside stuff that was stuck in the ice, and cleaned bathrooms, and washed walls . . . right now we’re at Grandma’s for dinner, and then it’s back to pick up the trailer and see if there’s anything else that can be done tonight . . .

So, pray for us the next couple days . . . and we’ll let you know when we arrive in Calgary (whenever we get internet access again) . . .


2 thoughts on ““Most convenient location: Smithers”

  1. Hello My Friend:
    Safe travelling mercies as you make the trek to Calgary. Praying that things go smoothly and that you are able to settle into BIG city life quickly.
    Blessings to you and your family!!!

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