Our Last Sunday

We’re down to 1 week at counting.  Next week at this time we hope to be most of the way to Calgary already . . . that sure hasn’t sunk in yet.

Today was our last Sunday at North Peace MB Church.  The missions committee had a prayer time for us up front during both services.  We sure appreciated the prayers . . . they just hit right on what we’re hoping for for the coming weeks.  Smooth transitions . . .  a good church home . . . friends for our kids . . . all sorts of bits and pieces that we’ve been thinking about (when we have time to think!) but hadn’t really put into one cohesive whole.

We took most of today off.  The McKinnons invited us for lunch and we were at Grandma & Grandpa’s for dinner.  I think Kevin got our taxes done in between (I took a nap!).    We’ll be running pretty good this week, though.  Between last minute errands, lawyers appointments, packing, etc. the days will be full . . .  but our conditions came off the sale of our house last week already, so that, at least, is one less thing to worry about for the coming week.  (Our “to do” list is definitely long enough without any extra concerns!)


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