We accepted an offer on our house tonight!!!  PRAISE GOD!  Conditions come off on March 26th, so please pray that the process goes smoothly . . .

Friends of ours hosted a going away party for us tonight (deep fried turkey — mmmm) , and ended up using Kevin’s parent’s house (since there were as many kids as adults, and our friends’ home doesn’t have a basement).    As we were getting ready to drive home, Kevin’s Mom came running out saying our realtor was on the phone — he had taken a guess that we might be there on a Sunday night (we don’t have a cell phone anymore, since Kevin’s done work).  Since we were heading home anyways, he gave us a few minutes to put the kids to bed, then joined us here.  The negotiations process went very quickly, since both realtors were right with their clients . . . and our house is conditionally sold 🙂 🙂 🙂 . . .

I just finished e-mailling out our newsletter (I had to quickly add some “late breaking news”)  I had put hard copies in church mailboxes this morning . . . and tonight was the church prayer meeting . . . and we were the “featured missionaries” in our bulletin today . . . a bunch of people must have been praying for our house to sell . . .


One thought on “SOLD

  1. Dayle

    Yeah! You must be so relieved! I hope it all goes well for the 26th and your move this coming weekend also is smooth and uneventful. If you are welcoming visitors in your new home, we might be down that way in Calgary by the second week in April!!!(we could hotel it too 🙂


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