And a week went by . . .

So much for doing a report on missionsfest last Monday . . . somehow this week just FLEW by.  Kevin actually arrived home Sunday night — his voice finally gave out completely Sunday afternoon, so he decided leave early.  A few hours before he arrived, my parents got here – they came up for a quick visit before heading to Germany for a few months this summer.

Between Oma & Opa here, Kevin home sick for part of the week, more house showings, more Bible Studies . . . it was pretty crazy.  We got lots done — my Dad finished up the basement ceiling for us, and Mom & I sorted through some more cupboards and put some more things in boxes (Mom even packed my China for me — using up all my towels and bedsheets in the process 🙂 ).  Talia and Kaisa LOVED having Oma and Opa here . . . the next time they’ll see them, we’ll be well settled in Calgary already.

So, back to missionsfest . . .  Kevin says he saw a bunch of people he knew (a few others made the trek from Fort St. John to Edmonton) and had a great time working side by side his future co-workers.  They connected up with some organizations who want to use eMi in the future and they challenged engineers (& others) to step out of their comfort zone and come along on an eMi trip.  The highlight of missionsfests is always seeing all the different missions organizations — there’s so many organizations, so many different areas of ministry, so many ways to DO missions — and they’re all working together to serve God’s purposes.  We’re not at it alone . . .


One thought on “And a week went by . . .

  1. Crystal

    It sounds like time is flying by … and before you know it … moving day will be here! We pray that you will be able to sell your house soon!

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