Life as we know it :)

Life has become a semi-routine of keeping the house clean, doing frantic last-minute vacuums and shines when we do get the call that someone’s coming to look at the house, and finding a place to “hang out” when we have to interrupt our routine and disappear . . . I’m glad we don’t sell our house often 😉  (and I’m glad we have lots of friends willing to take us in when we need somewhere to go!)  Please continue to pray that our house will sell quickly – and to the right people 🙂

The other thing we’ve been doing lots of lately is sharing about engineering Ministries international at home groups from our church.  That’s been SO much fun.  It’s neat to see others catching the vision and realizing just what it is that we’re going to be doing (three minutes up front during a service just isn’t enough time to explain what eMi is really about).   It’s kind of funny — we always go in with the same basic presentation.  But each group is SO different – a question someone asks or a comment someone makes can send the presentation in a totally different direction.  And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.  We’re praying that those God calls to be our support partners will respond, and that we’ll be well covered with both prayer and finances when we make the move to full-time ministry at the end of next month.

This weekend, Kevin is actually getting a taste of what his new “job” will be like.  He’s with Steve and Greg (the other two eMi Canada “staffers”) at Missionsfest Edmonton.  They’ll be talking to LOTS of people who stop by the eMi Canada booth – engineers or architects who might want to volunteer on a short term trip, students who are interested in the intern program, other missions organizations who want to use eMi’s services . . . as long as Kevin’s voice holds out, he should have a great time!   He’s been too busy to send me many e-mails, so I’ll just have to wait until Monday to hear how it all went.  I’ll try to make sure to get a report posted too 🙂


One thought on “Life as we know it :)

  1. Crystal

    It certainly sounds exhausting … keeping up with your schedule and trying to keep the house clean for showings. Hang in there! God will pull you through!

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