House for Sale

What a CRAZY week. When we bought a place in Calgary, I don’t think I quite realized the immediate repercussions on our life here. Suddenly, our house had to be realtor-ready — and pronto. But, since we had no clue we would be trying to sell our house this weekend, we still had all sorts of stuff on the calendar that couldn’t just be cancelled: speaking at a Bible Study, billeting students for the Winter Games, even babysitting and playdates. But everyone has been SO helpful . . . from Talia’s classmate’s Mom, who took our girls along when she picked up her girls so that we could meet with the realtor in peace, to friends who helped pack up stuff and clean during “playdates” (Carolyn spent most of the DAY today washing walls and windows) , to . . . well . . . you get the picture.

Kevin took some time off work and we attacked the decluttering, packing up, and cleaning with a vengence. Thursday night the realtor came for the first look . . . and told us he would be bringing someone by today already – before the listing was even official. We signed the listing tonight, and the next two showings are tomorrow morning . . . and it won’t even hit MLS until Monday.

Please pray that Talia & Kaisa survive this “season” of selling our house . . . they can’t quite understand why Mom is suddenly so paranoid about them not leaving toys out 😉 . And pray that the right people would come along to buy our house (Penny’s family would like nice neighbours 🙂 )


One thought on “House for Sale

  1. Crystal

    We are so excited that you have found a place in Calgary. And will be praying and walking through this process with you … of selling your place in FSJ. Hang in there! You are in for quite an adventure!

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