We have a house!!!!

Kevin just let us know that our offer was accepted on a duplex in Calgary. We have a house! (subject to financing and all that good stuff, of course . . . ). But still, I’m pretty excited right now. The duplex is right against the Bowness River, about halfway between the eMi office and the school (pretty well walking distance to both). There’s a playground across the street, a separate area downstairs to host an international student or something . . . and Kevin was enthused about this place right from the start. He was just about ready to put in an offer on another place . . . called me about it . . . and said they just had one more place to look at today. Well, that “one more place” was it!!! Here it is:

The girls got to see all the mls pictures earlier – they were pretty excited (especially when Daddy told them one of the rooms was pink). Kaisa was a bit worried that there were no toys in the back yard though. I assured her she could bring her own πŸ™‚

The possession date is end of March. So . . . we have a date . . . we have a house . . . please pray that our remaining finances come in quickly and that we’ll be all set to go . . .


4 thoughts on “We have a house!!!!

  1. Crystal

    Congratulations on the house! That is wonderful news! Now let’s just pray and watch God go to work on the rest of the details. Hang on … it could be an exciting ride! πŸ™‚

  2. Morgan (best neice on the planet)

    hey i like the house ; ) it kinda has a kool retro vibe going on well i like it good luck with every thing !!

  3. Morgan (best neice on the planet)

    oh! and every one wants to see some inside pic’s so you should send them oh and i forgot to say i really miss you

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