Encouraging Week

It’s been an encouraging week! We’ve talked to a lot of people about eMi, we’ve been given some more verbal commitments, we’ve arranged to meet with some individuals and to speak at some Bible Studies . . . it feels like we’re getting somewhere 🙂 It’s exciting to see others excited about what God is doing through eMi!

Kevin has been working on our “presentation binder” – a duotang full of lots of info about engineering Ministries international and what our role with eMi will be. I’m still hoping to pull together a few more pictures to include . . . though my next job will be putting some of the pictures into a powerpoint so that they’ll be easier to show at small group presentations.

Please continue to pray for us as we work at developing our support team. Pray for wisdom as we consider who to approach to become ministry partners (or better yet, that they would approach us 😉 ). Pray that verbal commitments would become formal commitments so that our % would be high enough to set a moving date. Pray that we would remember that giving is vertical – to GOD, not horizontal – to us, and that He (not people) will supply all our needs. Support raising is definitely stretching us beyond our comfort zone . . . and yet, through it, God is teaching us more and more about trusting Him. We’re excited, we’re impatient . . . but we’re trying really hard to walk in faith, step by step.


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